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[5/15/2007] Press Release: eCopy Presents ADOS, Software Connections, and Interwoven with Partner Excellence Awards

eCopy Paper Connection Forum, Miami Fla., May 15, 2007 - eCopy™, Inc., a leading provider of solutions that integrate paper documents into business software applications, today presented Partner Excellence Awards to ADOS Corporation, Software Connections, LLC, and Interwoven, Inc.  The award s, which were presented at the third annual eCopy Paper Connection Forum, recognize partners for the sale of the highest number of Connectors to eCopy ShareScan® in the last 12 months.

Connectors are developed with the ShareScan Software Developer Kit (SDK) and enable users to scan paper documents directly from multifunction peripherals (MFPs) into software applications, including document management, collaboration, and fax management.  By converting paper-based information to electronic documents the information becomes more secure, is more easily saved, tracked, and accessible.

Awards were given for two eCopy Connector Alliance Program partners who developed Connectors: ADOS and Software Connections.  ADOS won for selling the largest number of Connectors sold in Europe for their Connector to the ADOS document management system.  Software Connections received the award for selling the largest number of Connectors in North America for their Connector to Laserfiche.  In addition, Interwoven was selected for their marketing efforts in support of selling eCopy's Connector to Interwoven Worksite content management system, the top selling Connector developed by eCopy.

"ADOS, Software Connections, and Interwoven each have leveraged eCopy to provide customers with a robust solution that fully integrates paper documents with enterprise applications to automate business workflows," said Vickie Malis, vice president of Marketing at eCopy.  "Their applications are prime examples of why software vendors are utilizing eCopy as a standard method for integrating their products with MFP scanning capabilities.  We congratulate each partner on providing applications that support best practices workflows and also selling the highest number of Connectors."

The Partner Excellence Awards winners are:

ADOS Corporation is the leading provider of smart document management solutions designed to capture, manage, and deliver business documents when, where, and how users need them through an Architecture for Document Services.  Using the ADOS Connector for eCopy ShareScan, customers can add paper originals to the many electronic document types already managed by the ADOS system.  After scanning with eCopy products, the scanned documents are assigned document categories within ADOS using the ADOS Connector for eCopy ShareScan and transferred to the ADOS repository for processing, indexing, and storage.  Visit

Software Connections, LLC is a provider of robust software solutions that allow organizations to integrate document management and document imaging technologies.  With the Laserfiche Connector for ShareScan, paper documents can be scanned directly to a Laserfiche repository using an eCopy-enabled MFP or scanner.  Visit

Interwoven, Inc., provider of enterprise content management solutions for business, enables organizations to unify people, content, and processes to minimize business risk, accelerate time-to-value and sustain lower total cost of ownership.  Using the eCopy Connector for Interwoven WorkSite, paper documents can be scanned at an eCopy-enabled MFP or scanner and sent to specific locations in WorkSite for storage and ongoing document lifecycle management.  Visit

Connectors can be easily developed utilizing the eCopy software developer toolkit (SDK), which reduces the development resources required to provide integration to eCopy document imaging software.  The SDK provides access to eCopy application programming interfaces (APIs) and a GUI-interface generator that enables developers to create screens that match the look and feel of those used by major MFP manufacturers in their embedded architectures and the eCopy ScanStation™.  The GUI-interface generator includes templates for software clients running on both embedded MFP platforms and eCopy ScanStation.  Software vendors can more easily develop source code for the integration framework using the SDK's Visual Studio .NET Connector Wizard.

About eCopy, Inc.
eCopy, Inc. is an innovative provider of open and flexible solutions that rapidly integrate paper-based information into existing business processes and applications.  With over 50,000 licenses of ShareScan shipped, eCopy is the market leader in MFP document capture software.  eCopy customers include GE, Time Warner Inc., Yahoo!, Nissan, Verizon Wireless, BP, Sprint, General Motors, Clifford Chance, Siemens, Cisco Systems, SAAB, and Sony Corporation.  eCopy, Inc. is a global company headquartered in the United States, with subsidiaries in Japan and the UK, offices in Germany, France, Scandinavia, and Australia as well as sales operations in Mexico, Canada, Latin America, Singapore, and New Zealand.  For more information, visit