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I'm getting the message "The serial number for this device is invalid for this version of LFConnector", or "This device is not licensed to run this version of the LFConnector", what can I do?
I have both the eCopy SSOP and Laserfiche software on my Windows XP laptop in order to perform LFConnector demos. Each location I visit usually yields a different TCP/IP address on my wireless card, which in turn impacts my LFConnector serial number activation. What can I do?
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I'm a reseller using an NFR license for the LFConnector v5.x on my embedded demo machine. When I commit scans to the Laserfiche repository the pages are there with the watermark for Software Connections, but where is the rest of the page content?

This a known issue with eCopy and select embedded MFPs running the LFConnector.    Until corrected, try using another model embedded MFP, or an external scanstation instead.