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Which version of the LFConnector is right for me?
Can the LFConnector use Windows Active Directory to authenticate against the Laserfiche repository without creating Laserfiche users?
What IP address do I use to Activate a Serial Number for the LFConnector?
I'm getting the message "The serial number for this device is invalid for this version of LFConnector", or "This device is not licensed to run this version of the LFConnector", what can I do?
I have both the eCopy SSOP and Laserfiche software on my Windows XP laptop in order to perform LFConnector demos. Each location I visit usually yields a different TCP/IP address on my wireless card, which in turn impacts my LFConnector serial number activation. What can I do?
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I'm getting the message "The licensing manager was not properly initialized" after scanning documents on Windows Server 2012. What can I do?
What multi-function devices (MFDs) can be used in conjunction with the LFConnector?
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can't I see my repository when I configure the LFConnector?

Please verify that you are using the correct version of the LFConnector for your Laserfiche operating environment.  Refer to the FAQ entitled Which version of the LFConnector is right for me? in order to find out which version of the LFConnector is appropriate for your version of Laserfiche.

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