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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the LFConnector support tokens?
Yes, tokens are supported on Build 60 or higher for the Document Name only.  Tokens are placeholders for values to be inserted after the scanning process is complete and before the document is committed to the Laserfiche repository.  They are most often used in conjunction with file name, folder location and/or template data in Laserfiche.  A more extensive discussion of Laserfiche tokens can be found in the Laserfiche client help topics.

The following tokens are supported by the LFConnector:

$PageCount$ The number of pages in the currently scanned batch
$Date$ The system date of the SSOP Manager PC
$Date/Time$ The system date & time of the SSOP Manager PC
The system time on the SSOP Manager PC
$User$ The user name used to authenticate to the Laserfiche repository
$ID$ The identification number created by Laserfiche for the document
$Name$ The file name of the scanned image (can be set using the Services node of the LFConnector in the SSOP Admin Console
$[Field]$ The value assigned to the associated Laserfiche document template field*
$Parent:Field$ The value assigned to the associated Laserfiche folder template field*

*  If the specified field name is not valid in the associated template, no substitution is made.

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